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Melody's Echo Chamber releases the swooning 'Alma'

Melody's Echo Chamber - 'Alma'

Melody’s Echo Chamber has released the third single from her forthcoming album Emotional Eternal. Entitled ‘Alma’, the track combines the swooning and atmospheric elements of Serge Gainsbourg with the psychedelia of her early years.

The song invites you in, wrapping you up in the warmth of the orchestral movements and the production. The track could have quite easily been a film score, with flecks of Italian film soundtracks of the ’60s. If Ennio Morricone and Jonny Greenwood ever collaborated, I’d wager it would have sounded something like ‘Alma’ in what is a testament to the genius of Melody’s Echo Chamber. 

In a statement, the musician, real name Melody Prochet, feels that the song is “more of a poem to life”. It was the first number to be written after 2018’s Bon Voyage, and was composed after Prochet had to leave her child for a night a year after giving birth.

“I think I recorded the emotion of that kind of spiritual experience of the essential yet heart-breaking separation from the pure love bubble to the world of others,” she explained in a statement.

‘Alma’ continues a brilliant return to form for Prochet, following on from the equally as dazzling ‘Personal Message‘ and ‘Looking Backward’, and is shaping Emotional Eternal up to be one of the best records of the year. The album is set for release on April 29th via Domino. 

Notably, Prochet’s most recent offering, Bon Voyage, was released back in June 2018, following six years away from music. The singer was forced to postpone the album’s release by a year following a serious accident in 2017 that caused her to have a brain aneurysm and broken vertebrae, leading her to be hospitalised. 

With major struggles behind her, the new singles have been a defiant return from Prochet, and the future looks incredibly bright.

Listen to ‘Alma’ below.