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(Credit: Maya Hawke)


Maya Hawke to play obsessive George Harrison fan in Beatles film ‘Revolver’ with Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke and his daughter, Maya, are both set to star in a new comedy film in which Maya will play a teenager who is obsessed with George Harrison and attempts to lose her virginity with The Beatles guitarist.

The Beatles-centric film is appropriately titled Revolver and the person behind it is Finding Nemo co-director, Andrew Stanton. It will follow Ethan and Maya who will portray father and daughter in the ’60s-set romantic comedy. It has been widely reported that Maya’s character will be called Jane, a teenager resident of Anchorage, Alaska. The film is set in 1966 when a flight to Japan carrying The Beatles is forced to make an unexpected stop at the city which leads to Jane creating a bulletproof plan to lose her virginity to The Beatles guitarist.

According to Stereogum, the iconic Liverpudlian band stopped in Anchorage for a prolonged period of time on June 27, 1966, due to dangerously high winds from a typhoon, and, after word had spread that the group were in town, hoards of screaming fans descended on their location—it was at this time that Maya Hawke’s character Jane attempts to make the most of the situation.

Kate Trefry (Stranger Things) has written the script, and 3311 production’s Ross Jacobson and Jen Dana are on production duties, Revolver is set to be officially introduced at next month’s American Film Market.

In other Hawke-related news, Maya released her debut album Blush on June 19th and her foray into music was an unexpected one even for her, in the statement: “This album happened accidentally. From my point of view, Blush is a collection of secret messages, hidden communications with the people in my life.”

“After seeing the movie Call Me by Your Name for the second time, I left the theatre and I was walking home to my apartment in Brooklyn, and I just started thinking about the images of water and the romantic feeling in that movie,” Hawke previously told Pitchfork.