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(Credit: Markus Hillgärtner)


Matty Healy details The 1975 new album plans


The 1975 frontman, Matty Healy, has been discussing future album plans for the band which could see their creative paths take individual routes.

Despite ramping up the anticipation around their already announce forthcoming album Notes on a Conditional Form, Healy has insisted that the band are keen to keep producing new material at a more prolific rate and, earlier this week, said that The 1975 will spend less time on the road and are “not gonna tour brutally for a few years and just make music maybe put it out etc.”

Now, in a new interview with Zane Lowe in an Apple Music interview, Healy explained how he and other members of the band will look to split up major responsibilities in future projects. “I think that [The 1975 is] a constantly evolving thing,” Healy said. “I think that there’s an obvious end to an era with ‘Music for Cars’, just because like we’ve come to the end of a decade. Culture is moving. The 1975 has to be a slightly different thing in like, I don’t know what, like two years, you know. There’s lots of stuff that we’re gonna do.”

Detailing further, he added: “One thing that I know that we’re gonna do is that I’m doing a Matty record and George is doing a George record. And we’re gonna produce each other’s records. So that’s gonna happen.”

See the interview, below.