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Marlon Williams returns with ‘Thinking of Nina’ from forthcoming third album

Marlon Williams - 'Thinking of Nina'
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Marlon Williams, the crooning Elvis of Christchurch, is back with a new Alex Cameron-inflected shimmering synth jam to tap your toes to this summer. The slinky single follows the beautiful doo-wop daisy chain of ‘My Boy’ as part of the forthcoming follow-up to 2018’s impressive Make Way For Love. From the outings so far, there is certainly plenty to look forward to. 

‘Thinking of Nina’ is a summer jam that swoons in an out of carefree revelry, waxing and waning between an emotive slow jam and a fist-clenching sleek smoking area neon-soaked fanfare. It flits between the two without losing momentum either way. And although it might sound a bit like a few artists who have beaten him to the punch, Williams’ singular voice keeps it signed off as an original. 

It is perhaps indicative of the song that the music video was inspired by Duran Duran’s ‘A View to a Kill’ and Spandau Ballet’s ‘Gold’. That being said, it doesn’t pull too far away from the brooding ‘Dark Child’ that earmarked him as a new singer of classic conviction in the first place. In fact, it is a mark of Williams’ talent that deep darkness and gaudy light mixes so seamlessly with the track.

Speaking about the song himself, he noted: “This is a song about… having so many selves as to not be a self at all. Also at play is the dark phenomenon of White Knight Syndrome; the desire to simplify, infantilise, protect and ultimately commodify an object of desire.”

The song’s message of “the dangers of wearing different faces in different places”, and “of waging wars on multiple fronts” is born out in the contrasting musicality too. Congested instrumentation makes way for reflectively sparse moments only to slide back into the melee of mangled mixes once more, all held together with a solidly simple melody. 

The forthcoming album titled My Boy is set for release via Virgin on September 9th. You can check out the brooding yet buoyant and brisk ‘Thinking of Nina’ below. 

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