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Mark Ronson shares unheard clip of Amy Winehouse's first take of 'Back to Black'

Mark Ronson recently presented a video of Amy Winehouse singing ‘Back to Black’ for the first time in 2006. He also presented a clip of him playing the melody on a piano beside the singer, who died in 2011. The clip showcases the singer in a more fragile, and even-handed location to the stages or studios where she bellowed out the vocal lines.

Ronson issued another clip on TikTok, this time demonstrating ‘Back to Black’ in demo form. It looks like he will continue to upload these clips, speaking on behalf of his late collaborator.

Winehouse was described by soul vocalist Andrew Roachford as something unique and special. In a 2020 correspondence, Roachford explained that he and Winehouse shared an admiration in each other’s work that was mutual.

“Although London is a big place,” the ‘Cuddly Toy’ singer explained, “the music scene is quite small. I was watching Amy on the telly, and I recognised the drummer. Amy worked with three drummers, and two of them had worked with me! Jimmy suggested working with one of Amy’s drummers, and I told him that he was my drummer before Amy [Laughs]! I caught Amy early on. I was sitting with my brother, and I told him to look out for her. She was special. And then she came up to me, and said, ‘Mr. Roachford, I’m a big fan of yours.'”

Roachford said in the same interview that he would consider working with Ronson, who is one of the most in-demand producers of his generation. Ronson is arguably best known for his connection with Winehouse – they produced Back to Black together – but he is also well known for his work with Lady Gaga, having collaborated with her on the barrelling ‘Shallow’ in 2018.

Ronson worked with former Beatle Paul McCartney on New in 2013.
Ronson is also a solo artist, and released the jaunty ‘Uptown Funk’ in 2015, demonstrating a flair for the brass sounds of the 1970s. Bruno Mars served as the vocalist, and the song nested on Uptown Special, Ronson’s fourth album as a solo artist.

Check out Ronson’s clip of Winehouse below.


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♬ original sound – Mark Ronson

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♬ original sound – Mark Ronson