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Marina shares new song 'Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land'

Marina - 'Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land'

Welsh pop star Marina has dropped the title track for her upcoming fifth studio album, Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land.

Never one to half-ass anything, Marina is celebrating the album’s release with a virtual launch party smack dab in the middle of the the California desert. Marina presents Ancient Dreams Live from the Desert will air live across the globe on June 12-13.

The singer will also host a ‘Deconstructed Dreams’ afterparty featuring a breakdown of Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land, a fan Q&A, a limited meet and greet, and exclusive merchandise. I have no idea what a virtual limited meet and greet is going to look like, but if it sounds like something you would be interested in, check it out and let me know.

Also, if you’re going to attend the Q&A, you might want to brush up on the other Q&A Marina did regarding the new album. That one was streamed earlier this week, and imagine how embarrassed you would be if you wound up asking one of the same questions that have already been asked. Just trying to think ahead.

I was a pretty big fan of ‘Purge the Poison’ in all its rambling self-grandeur. ‘Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land’ is another slice of top-shelf pop rock, bouncing back and forth between a stomping rock and roll shuffle and pure electronic cheese. Lyrically, Marina advises you, the listener, not to be such a goddamn disappointment to your ancestors. It doesn’t take a lot: “You don’t have to be like everybody else/You don’t have to fit in to the norm/You are not here to conform”. Just be yourself. Once again Marina sets herself as the example of which to follow. “I am here to take a look inside myself/Recognize that I could be the eye/The eye of the storm”.

Check out the video for ‘Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land’ down below. Ancient Dream in a Modern Land will be released on June 11.