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(Credit: Marina)


Marina announces new LP, shares track 'Purge the Poison'


It’s been nearly two years since the now mononymous Marina put out her fourth studio album, Love + Fear, the first without her previous addendum “and the Diamonds”. Now, the artist has announced her follow up Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land with the release of the album’s second single ‘Purge the Poison’.

The track plays right into Marina’s established sound: pounding dance rhythms. New to the proceedings are some throwback references to the ye olden times of 2007, one of the first recorded shows of support for Britney Spears in song since the #FreeBritney movement gained traction, a delicious slam of Harvey Weinstein, and a call for a greater female presence in global decision making: “I just want a world where I can see the feminine/We only make up one quarter of the government”. Hell yeah, Marina, you tell ’em.

“All my friends are witches/and we live in Hollywood/Mystical bitches/Making our own sisterhood” currently has my vote for the best opening line of the year. Somewhere in Southern California, Stevie Nicks is shedding tears of pride all over her lace scarf collection.

So what’s the ultimate message of ‘Purge the Poison’? Ultimately, it’s that we all need more Marina in our lives: “It’s your own decision/But your home is now your prison/You forgot that without me/You won’t go far”. With all the cultural references and rapid pace of the lyrics, could ‘Purge the Poison’ be destined to become this generation’s ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’? Eh, probably not, especially because ‘Purge the Poison’ is a far better song. I take on all aggressors, Billy Joel stans. Feel free to tweet at me like the Twenty One Pilots fans did.

‘Purge the Poison’ follows the previously released single ‘Man’s World’, the anti-patriarchy smash which makes its own reference to witchcraft. For all the girls I’ve matched with on Tinder who call themselves witches, bow down to your new cultural queen.

Check out the official video for ‘Purge the Poison’ down below. Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land is set for a June 11th release. You can see the album’s tracklist at the bottom as well.

Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land Tracklisting:

1. Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land
2. Venus Fly Trap
3. Man’s World
4. Purge The Poison
5. Highly Emotional People
6. New America
7. Pandora’s Box
8. I Love You But I Love Me More
9. Flowers
10. Goodbye