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(Credit: Manfred Werner / Tsui)

Marina Abramović is bringing back her "obscene" and once-banned naked performance


In 1977, Marina Abramović the Serbian performance artist, saw her nude exhibition Imponderabilia shut down by police after just 90 minutes.

The performance featured two performers, Abramović and her then-partner and artist Ulay, both completely naked and stand in a doorway. In order to enter the exhibition which was housed at the Museum of the Galleria d’Arte Moderna Bologna, the public must squeeze between the two nude artist in order to pass.

The decision that Abramović was forcing members of the public to make was, in fact, to choose which of the artists they’d rather face while passing through and thus making them part of the performance. The show was planned to run for three hours before local authorities closed down the performance after just 90 minutes, labelling it “obscene”.

As Abramović approaches her mid-70s, London’s Royal Academy has announced the first ever UK exhibition spanning her life’s work—including live re-performances of iconic works, as well as brand new work for these galleries.

Curated in close collaboration with Abramović, the show will bring back Imponderabilia but, instead of the artist herself performing, it will be two models.

The show will open in 2020 and more information can be found, here.