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Marilyn Manson picks his favourite David Bowie albums


There’s brand new Marilyn Manson album due out on Friday and it has seen the Antichrist superstar sit down and discuss a whole range of subjects around the new LP WE ARE CHAOS. During the conversation with Consequence, Manson opened up about the influences of the glamourous goth rock record.

Naturally, you can’t talk about glam rock without mentioning David Bowie and so Manson was left to ponder what his favourite Bowie album of all time may be. Like most Bowie fans, he has a real difficulty settling on one. Instead, he picks a few to choose from.

Marilyn Manson made a name for himself by being the educated shock rock legend of the late nineties. The singer may well have welcomed the furore of parental outrage when he first broke into the music business, but now he’s much more concerned with the integrity of the art more so than anything else.

On the title track of the album, we were treated to a heavy dose of glam rock, mixed in with Manson’s usual style. During the conversation, he spoke about the new sounds that permeate the record as well as some of the artists that influenced the LP, one of which was Bowie, the mercurial king of glam.

During the conversation, Manson proved he was a diehard Bowie fan as he struggled to narrow down his favourite album to just one. As Manson discussed the love of Bowie he and Scooter Jennings shared, he also discussed how they put the glam rock sound into the new album, “We sat down and we were listening to a lot of songs in the world of Echo & The Bunnymen to Joy Division to Bauhaus and Scary Monsters by Bowie,” but was it his favourite?

“It’s a tough call to say what’s my favourite record of Bowie’s but Scary Monsters was the first one, so it nostalgically always rings true. But Diamond Dogs is emotionally the one that I attached myself to more, but it’s a tough call.”

It continues too, as Manson continues his internal debate, “And I think Ziggy Stardust was the one that really had an influence on the earlier part of my career with Antichrist Superstar. Although the songs did not sound glam rock, in a sense, it was just the general idea of making a story that you really could just ask yourself, ‘Well, who is he? What is this about?’ And it has a loneliness to it.”

It remains to be seen how much Bowie and artists of that era have influenced WE ARE CHAOS but judging by Manson’s fandom, it will only be the choicest cuts that make it into that melting pot.

Listen to Marilyn Manson covering David Bowie’s ‘Golden Years’ below.