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Marilyn Manson collapses on stage in Houston


Marilyn Manson’s recent set in Houston was cancelled last night after the singer collapsed on stage. The darkness poster boy didn’t make it through his entire set and sadly had to cut the performance short.

Early on in the show, Manson had told the audience that he was suffering from “heat poisoning” and collapsed towards the end of his cover of the Eurhythmics hit ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)’.

Ever the performer Manson got back to his feet and continued the performance to deliver a rendition of ‘Antichrist Superstar’ but then walked off stage, at which point the rest of the show was cancelled.

Currently on the Twins of Evil: The Second Coming Tour’ with Rob Zombie this is the second time during the tour that Manson has had to cancel performances due to illness.

The ‘Twins of Evil: The Second Coming Tour’ is scheduled to resume Monday night in Denver