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Marilyn Manson walks off stage in New York


Last time Marilyn Manson was in New York he was crushed by one of his stage props. This time, the duke of darkness left the stage in more of a huff than a crutch, as the sing stormed off stage after repeatedly asking the fans to say “I Love You”.

In his first trip back to the big apple since his Hammerstein stage prop crush, the singer took to headline The Paramount in Huntington. But this show also didn’t go the distance as wide spread accounts from those who attended the performance suggested the singer suffered a “meltdown”.

After repeatedly asking the crowd to tell him “I Love You”, the singer alledgedly dropped his mic, knocked over an amplifier and walked off stage, suggesting something is amiss with Marilyn.

Which in turn left the band playing a single riff for 20 mins while they ultimately waited for Manson to return. He didn’t.

Take a look at some of his monologue below and some disgruntled footage below that.