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(Credit: Netflix / Lester Cohen)


Man charged with assault with a deadly weapon after attacking Dave Chappelle


A man has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon following the event of May 3rd at the Netflix Is a Joke festival at Hollywood Bowl where Dave Chappelle was attacked whilst performing on stage. 

Taking place at the very end of the performance when Chappelle was thanking the previous acts including Chris Rock, Jon Stewart and Leslie Jones, the attack occurred when a 23-year-old man named Isaiah Lee took to the stage armed with a replica gun capable of ejecting a knife and knocked Chappelle to the floor.

Unharmed, the comedian returned to the stage to complete his set, making light of the situation by suggesting that the attacker “was a trans man”, a reference to the controversy he had caused in the transgender community following comments he made in 2021. 

Shocking footage of the incident was shared on social media with the clip showing Lee taking to the stage and bringing Chappelle to the floor. 

Described in a tweet from ABC producer Stephanie Wash, “Dave Chapelle was rushed & attacked on stage by a man at the Hollywood Bowl. Chapelle tussled w/ the man, who ran behind the screen on stage & was surrounded by security. Chris Rock, who performed earlier, came on stage w/ him & joked: ‘Was that Will Smith?’”. 

As well as Chris Rock running to the comedian’s aid, it has been reported that actor Jamie Foxx also rushed to help Dave Chappelle and correct the shocking situation. 

Take a look at the footage of the astonishing incident, below.