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Malady share new song 'Famous Last Words'

Malady - 'Famous Last Words'

London four-piece Malady have shared their latest single, the buzzy and terribly catchy ‘Famous Last Words’.

“‘Famous Last Words’ is a rumination about purpose,” the band explain. “The realisation that any notion of inherent, and/or divine, purpose is false and subsequently the futile, scrambled attempts to forge meaning in places that meaning can never really be found.”

I’ll be completely honest: I didn’t like this song at first. Lead singer Percy Junior Cobbinah (fantastic name, by the way) had a voice that was just a little too rough and ready, the overall production felt a little too paired back, and nothing about the song especially grabbed me.

But then the chorus got stuck in my head while I was making lunch. It’s always the silliest of things, I suppose. So I went back and listened to it again. And then another time. By the fifth time, I was converted, and I now I see it as a solid electro-rocker that isn’t bombastic or spastic, but rather low-key and supremely cool. For a song that features a fair amount of rave-tastic electronic effects, it’s oddly relaxing, and it really benefitted from multiple replays and loops.

Malady is still a relatively new proposition. Their only other song on Spotify currently is their debut single ‘London, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down’. That cheekily LCD Soundsystem-swiping tune has a lot of the same drive and production techniques of ‘Famous Last Words’, which means that the band is carving out a signature sound: bouncy rhythms, layers of synth pads, and heavily-accented vocals. It’s a potent mix and one that I’m really coming around to. They’re making a fan out of me, and maybe they’ll make one out of you as well.

Check out the audio for ‘Famous Last Words’ down below.