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(Credit: Four Tet)


Madlib and Four Tet share collaborative track 'Road Of The Lonely Ones'

Madlib - 'Road Of The Lonely Ones'

A beat supplied by Madlib is always a mouth-watering prospect and, once the intoxicating ingredient of Four Tet is added to the mix, suddenly you have every right to have sky-high expectations. Thankfully, their debut collaborative single ‘Road Of The Lonely Ones’ doesn’t disappoint.

Madlib is one of the most respected hip-hop producers on the planet, having worked with the likes of J Dilla, MF Doom, Mos Def, Freddie Gibbs and most recently, producing Loyle Carner’s track ‘Yesterday‘. Four Tet, AKA Keiran Hebden, is one of the most dynamic electronic musicians around, so when these two artists announced they were working together — the excitement was beyond tangible. Hebden took to Instagram to announce the news and revealed the story of the record which they had secretly been working on over the last few years.

Although Hebden didn’t reveal the exact release date for the record, he did note that Sound Ancestors by Madlib will be available in January 2021. If the first single from the record, ‘Road Of The Lonely Ones’, is anything to go by, then listeners are in for a fine treat to kick off the new year in style.

The track has been forged around an obscure vocal sample that the pair stumbled upon. The duo then delicately built around their initial sound to create a beguiling triumph of a song, with the vocal standing as the centrepiece. “A few months ago I completed work on an album with my friend Madlib that we’d been making for the last few years,” Four Tet wrote on Instagram. 

“He is always making loads of music in all sorts of styles and I was listening to some of his new beats and studio sessions when I had the idea that it would be great to hear some of these ideas made into a Madlib solo album. Not made into beats for vocalists to use but instead arranged into tracks that could all flow together in an album designed to be listened to start to finish.”

The English producer added: “I put this concept to him when we were hanging out eating some nice food one day and we decided to work on this together with him sending me tracks, loops, ideas and experiments that I would arrange, edit, manipulate and combine. I was sent hundreds of pieces of music over a couple of years stretch and during that time I put together this album with all the parts that fitted with my vision.”

Check out the wondrous collaboration, below.