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(Credit: Francis Plummer)


Loyle Carner shares touching new track 'Yesterday'

Loyle Carner - 'Yesterday'

Loyle Carner has offered up his first offering of new music since 2019’s Not Waving, But Drowning with another delicate delight in the form of new single ‘Yesterday’.

Carner’s adored sophomore album saw him sell-out Alexandra Palace in just eight minutes and become one of the great cult British artists of today. ‘Yesterday’ doesn’t see Carner deviate away from the amalgamation of gorgeous beats and heartfelt lyrics on heavy subjects that many would avoid. The South London rapper is as honest an artist as you can get and delivers another diary-entry style effort with ‘Yesterday’ seeing him muse over the seclusion that comes with being mixed-race.

This track was also somewhat of a dream come true as Loyle had the chance to work alongside producer extraordinaire Madlib. The American producer’s stellar CV includes work with the likes of J Dilla, MF Doom and Freddie Gibbs — which make up some of Carner’s most treasured records. The sound which Madlib has helped to forge is one that Carner has paid homage to throughout his career and has helped set him apart even further from other artists.

“It’s no secret Madlib is my musical hero,” Carner said in a press release. “I wrote this almost 2 years ago, but at first had trouble with clearing the sample and thought it would never see the light of day.

“It’s really just about what it is to be black and white, in a world where you pretty much have to be one or the other. It hurts the way I felt about my race back then, is the same way I feel now. Nothings changed since my last entry, nothing’s changed since the last century.”

Carner then poignantly added: “I hope that soon this song is nothing more than a reminder of a different time, and collectively we’re able to move forward to a time of more respect, acceptance and understanding.”

It remains unclear whether this is the start of Carner’s third album or a one-off release but it’s magnificent nonetheless. ‘Yesterday’ is another example of the rapper being wise ahead of his years and another touching reminder of his terrific talents as he continues to wear his heart firmly on his sleeve.