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Mac DeMarco teams up with The Garden for new video directed by Nadia Lee Cohen


The Garden have released the new video foe their song ‘Thy Mission’ featuring Mac DeMarco.

The duo twin brothers Wyatt and Fletcher Shears from Orange County, California, formed their band in 2011 and have steadily built a reputation for the unusual and their latest video featuring DeMarco follows suit.

The song, originally released back in April, originally began as a demo for a future album before they sent it over to DeMarco to hear his thoughts. What ensued was a full at in DeMarco’s home LA studio playing around with new sounds until finally settling on the end product.

“We met up in Los Angeles and spent a full day together with the track, just going back and forth with various things,” the band told i-D. “By midnight this is how it sounded, and we all liked it.”

The video, set on a tabloid talk-show stage, runs through the stereotypical shite that comes with daytime television before The Garden and their Mac host turn things typically trippy.

The famed Nadia Lee Cohen teamed up with Charlie Denis to direct the visuals: “In the video we feature as different guests on this twisted talk show, putting up with the host’s antics and drama, sometimes finding ourselves in the middle of it,” the band explained to i-D.

They added: “It tells the story of a talk show host and his fall from grace over time,” in reference to DeMarco. “The audience is always right. We are all Oscar worthy.” 

Here it is: