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Mac DeMarco - My Kind Of Woman


My Kind Of Women is the track of the day taken from Canadian musician Mac Demarco’s second studio album 2.

Recorded and released last year on the Captured Tracks label, 2 is the more sentimentally infused follow up to Demarco’s debut release Rock and Roll Nightclub; exchanging faux pas radio broadcasts and quirky compositions for woozier guitar riffs and wistful calls to women.

Track eight on the record, My Kind of Woman, is a wonderful song mixed with the melancholia portrayed on RRN track ‘Only You’ and some new kind of emotional awareness DeMarco seems to have acquired in the short space of time between his 2012 album releases.


The Canadian troubadour wastes no time in setting the tone of the track, opening with a flurry of dreamy Durutti Column sounding chords and an outpouring of simple, truthful and desperate lyrics a subject such as love often calls for. Vocally My Kind of Woman carries the same delicate delivery Alex Turner exudes on the soundtrack for motion picture Submarine. And as the song progresses DeMarco’s voice fuses both instrument and word together creating an aching ode to the object of his affection and a lullaby for the rest of us.

In an album filled with calypso twists, upbeat jaunts and bluesy shades tracks like My Kind of Women provide a welcome platform for contemplation and, if anything, help to emphasise this precocious young talent as an eclectic song writer.

Mac is currently in the midst of a world tour that sees him playing Leeds’ very own Brudenell Social Club this evening before departing for London, Bordeaux and eventually America.

By Joshua Hevicon