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Mac DeMarco foots the bill after couch auction winner refuses to pay


Mac DeMarco has revealed that he stepped up to pay the £3,414 to a charity after an auction winner refused to stump up.

Back in November last year, Far Out reported that Mac DeMarco’s former Montreal label Arbutus Records decided to auction off his shitty old couch in a bid to raise money for charity.

Arbutus described how DeMarco has requested all proceeds from the auction go to Rock Camp for Girls Montreal. “Don’t miss this once in a lifetime chance to for a real collectable here: Mac DeMarco’s old couch, from when he lived in Montreal, upon which he wrote the album 2,” the eBay listing explained at the time.

The item was eventually sold for 5,700 CAD ($4,477 USD/£3,414) after 101 bids.

However, the winner of the auction refused to pay.

“That couch was my couch,” DeMarco said in a recent interview when asked about the online auction. “I think it did sell but the person who won didn’t pay for it which I knew was going to happen.

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“I sold my shoes years ago and nobody is going to pay that much money for something so ridiculous. The time I sold the shoes it was a fundraiser for a rock camp for girls and I went half with Vans to pay that money,” he added.

“This time though [for the couch] I just paid the charity in Montreal.”

“It’s interesting. It’s a funny thing to do but it wasn’t my idea this time because I know it doesn’t work,” he added. “But it’s funny I guess, I dunno.”

“It’s just a dirty old couch. I got rid of that couch five years ago but it just creeps back into my life again. Get outta here.”