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Mac DeMarco open to the idea of collaborating with Weezer

Mac DeMarco has suggested that he may be open to a collaboration with indie icons Weezer.

DeMarco, who has openly admitted to being a big fan of Weezer in the past, has seen his fans call on him to link up with the band in a professional capacity for years now.

Back when DeMarco shot to significant mainstream success upon the release of his album 2, he was asked by Pitchfork to name the record he first bought. His answer, yeah, you got it: “The Blue Album by Weezer in junior high school,” he said. “I had 20 bucks, and I was walking down the hip street in my hometown, and I was like, “Maybe I’ll buy a CD.” A year and a half ago, me and my friends really got into Weezer again. I love Weezer,” he added.

Then, following it up a year later, DeMarco chose to cover Weezer’s ‘Undone (The Sweater Song)’ while participating in the A.V. Club’s “A.V. Undercover” video series. “Very chill, probably easier than covering another song,” DeMarco said at the time. “We were able to learn it in the car on the drive here.”

Now, in a new amateur interview which has appeared on YouTube, DeMarco was asked directly if he would be willing to work with Weezer.

“With Weezer?!” he said when asked directly before adding: “That would be crazy.”

“I have no idea, maybe, I’m just not very good at it,” he added somewhat awkwardly. “For me, where I’m at now, I’ve met a lot of people that I admire so I think the option is there, the chance is there.”

“It just always feels weird to me when it’s a setup, kind of playdate thing,” he added. “But who knows, only time will tell. We’ll see.”

Here’s the clip: