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(Credit: Steph Wilson)


LUMP miss the mark on new single 'We Cannot Resist'

LUMP - 'We Cannot Resist'

Electro-indie duo LUMP have returned with the third single off their upcoming LP Animal, ‘We Cannot Resist’.

“This is another one about hedonism,” band member Laura Marling explains. “But it was tricky because it’s such American imagery. I remember we had to stop and start and redo quite a lot of the lyrical takes because saying things like ‘Down to burn rubber’ are quite awkward to say in an English accent.”

The band first announced Animal roughly two months ago with the release of the album’s title track. After that came ‘Climb Every Wall’, a twitchy and delightfully fun track that got me excited to hear what the band were offering up with their new material.

“It wants to be this massive pop track, but it’s been twisted,” the other half of LUMP,” Mike Lindsay, explains. “I like that when the chorus comes in you’re like ‘Wow!’ It’s this huge pop chorus, but then it becomes really creepy with the whispered ‘We cannot resist’.”

I’ll be honest, I don’t know if I hear what Lindsay hears in ‘We Cannot Resist’. Other some well-placed lines by Marling, the icy stiltedness of ‘We Cannot Resist’ overwhelms and bogs down any pop aspirations that the song may be striving for.

What we’re left with is a rather cold and detached electronica song where Marling struggles to find the right tone to match the dreary and robotic nature of the song. It especially chafes against the tale of young lovers that Marling is attempting to tell, almost as if Marling and Lindsay are playing two different songs over each other.

The result isn’t something I particularly enjoyed or would listen to again, but most bands have off tracks, and I quite enjoy the rest of LUMP’s oeuvre, so here’s hoping this one was just a blip on the radar.

Check out the video for ‘We Cannot Resist’ down below. Animal is set for a July 30 release.

Animal tracklisting:

1. Bloom At Night 
2. Gamma Ray 
3. Animal 
4. Climb Every Wall 
5. Red Snakes 
6. Paradise 
7. Hair on the Pillow 
8. We Cannot Resist 
9. Oberon 
10. Phantom Limb