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(Credit: Steph Wilson)


Laura Marling group LUMP announce LP, share new song 'Animal'


LUMP, the electro-folk duo consisting of Laura Marling and Tunng leader Mike Lindsay, has announced the release of their second collaborative LP by dropping the album’s title track, ‘Animal’.

The duo’s debut album, also called LUMP, was released back in 2018 and was a pleasant surprise from two artists who I had no idea were acquainted with each other. Their chemistry is one of ease and comfort, playing off the more synthetic aspects of both musicians in their other projects. Really, it just sounds like both enjoy each other’s company, which is pretty cool to see and listen to.

Most of the time I can understand why electronic artists provide edits for their singles: the original compositions are too long or too unwieldy for the goldfish-memory-afflicted public. But this one? I just don’t see the purpose of it. The edit cuts out the fizzy minute-long outro, which I quite enjoyed. Is it radio play the duo are after, or maybe they just wanted to provide some options for the less patient of listeners? I don’t know, but I usually stand up for the longer unedited cuts of these songs, and this is no exception.

Last year, Marling released her fantastic seventh solo album Songs for Our Daughter and was nominated for the Mercury Prize. I would say she got robbed, but the winner, Michael Kiwanuka’s Kiwanuka was pretty great too, so I can’t really complain. Tunng, meanwhile, released their own album last year with Tunng Presents… DEAD CLUB, an often funny and delightfully esoteric, if somewhat unwieldy, eight studio album from the band. I admit that I still prefer Marling’s and Lindsay’s day jobs, but LUMP is rewarding enough that I’m happy to see another album pop up from the two.

Take a look and listen to ‘Animal’ down below. The album Animal will be released on July 30th.