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Lucern Raze - "Sunshine Blues"


This week, in Far Out’s unadulterated Saturday kitchen, we’re cooking up recently discovered dish called wild Lucern Raze pie. If you readers at home would like to try your hand at making this naughty little piece of musical gastronomy, then you’ll need: a solid base of PNKSLM Recordings (the label that continues to warp us with macabre delights such as Black Mekon and Les Big Byrd et al), unrestrained vocal, high velocity guitar, shit loads of inebriating tinctures, a barrow full of feedback and a seemingly unhinged musician. If successful, the end result should resemble our dangerously delicious Track of the Day “Sunshine Blues” by former Sex Beet singer Luke Lust’s new project Lucern Raze.

“Sunshine Blues” is the first release from the now solo, Stockholm based PNKSLM  pioneer and, i’m told, an album is due out by autumn. Judging by today’s tune, it could well be a stormer.