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Lowertown release new video for 'The Gaping Mouth'

Lowertown - 'The Gaping Mouth'

Atlanta indie duo Lowertown has released a new video for their single ‘The Gaping Mouth’, the latest taste of their upcoming EP of the same name.

The last time we checked in with Lowertown singer Olivia O., she released the wonderfully low-key ‘All I Want’ as a solo single. Now, she’s back at her day job with bandmate Avsha Weinberg for some more folky and acoustic story songs.

“It’s our most honest and interesting work to date,” Avsha Weinberg explains. “Most of our songs in the past have been sad songs, but this is our most mature work.”

The song also comes with a brand new video, featuring the duo cuddling up with a grotesque older man with disconcertingly long arms. Part hazy dream, part grimy nightmare, the video for ‘The Gaping Mouth’ contrast the gentle finger-picked guitar lines present throughout the song’s arrangement.

Not to give too much away, but once the duo starts performing on top of an old beat-up car, things begin to build to a surprising and appropriately startling conclusion. 

Lowertown always has a knack for lo-fi sad-sack indie buzz, but ‘The Gaping Mouth’ proves that their genre of choice can hold down a greater variety of lyrical topics and compositional elements.

Dig, for instance, the garage rock organ that pops up in seemingly random places during the song: while bizarre and unexpected at first, it plays up the tension and unease that the group want to make sure you feel. It’s the attention to more minor details that make Lowertown stand out from a crowded indie/bedroom pop scene.

Check out the video for ‘The Gaping Mouth’ down below. The Gaping Mouth EP is set for a September 17 release date. The tracklisting can be found at the bottom.

The Gaping Mouth EP Tracklisting:

1. ‘Clown Car’
2. ‘Seaface’
3. ‘The Gaping Mouth’
4. ‘Burn on my Own’
5. ‘Debris’
6. ‘Grass Stains’
7. ‘Sunburnt’