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(Credit: Low Hummer)


Low Hummer share new single 'Human Bahaviour'

Low Hummer - 'Human Behaviour'

Hull six-piece Low Hummer have shared the latest preview of their upcoming debut album Modern Tricks For Living by releasing a brand new single, ‘Human Behaviour’.

Another reliably fuzzy and danceable song that mixes in dreamy vocals and walls of pummeling guitars, Low Hummer take the Phil Spector aesthetic and wring it for all its maximalist worth on ‘Human Behaviour’. Maybe it’s only because I keep hearing that ‘Be My Baby’ beat in the verses, but the comparison feels apt: a densely packed arrangement, catchy pop sound, a grandiose mishmash of keyboards and feedback. It’s a wonderfully monolithic song.

Lyrically concerned with the slow march of time, singer Aimee Duncan can’t help but bring a tinge of regret and sadness to her detached and droll delivery: “The past is ours/the future’s taken”. At least that’s what I think I heard: the vocals are treated the same as any other instrument, buried within the mix as any quality shoegaze band does.

It doesn’t really feel right to call Low Hummer shoegaze since they also incorporate equal elements of synth-pop, alternative rock, and dance, but ‘Human Behaviour’ certainly has the same swirly atmosphere of any great Slowdive or Lush song.

The band burst onto the scene with the singles ‘Don’t You Ever Sleep’ and ‘I Choose Live News’ back in 2019, with the band taking a slow, deliberate march towards their debut Modern Tricks For Living. Previous singles like ‘The People, This Place’ and ‘Never Enough’ show the greater range of influences that the group are folding into their sound, but ‘Human Behaviour’ finds the band cranking up the chorus pedals and reverb knobs to pristine and joyously earth-shaking effectiveness.

Check out the audio for ‘Human Behaviour’ down below. Modern Tricks For Living will be released on September 17.