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Love Buzzard Release Dizzying Video for 'Cash'


Love Buzzard are the kind of scuzz that makes you want to simultaneously vomit and bathe in it in equal measures. You know it’s filthy, you know it’s base but you’ll be damned if you don’t wanna put your face in, swill it around and see what kind of urban butter you can conjure up. The video for ‘Cash’ is the animated manifestation of that.

The duo, who have recently been touring the country with the likes of Cerebral Ballzy and Slaves, put their 90’s acid incarnations to good use as they set about turning the rest of the world in to the same neon gargoyles all with the power of their cash guns.

Aside from the debauched drawing the song does reek of a band unhinged and that is testament to their ability to make garage pop sound ferocious and antagonising without compromising the sound or the style of the genre.

The track is an example of what Love Buzzard are best at and that is scaring you shitless. Get ‘Cash’ on July 10th via 1-2-3-4 Records.

‘Cash’ is just on the edge of grotesque garage but it’s exactly where it needs to be.