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Cerebral Ballzy - Better in Leather

Apart from headlining the NME radar tour later in the year, being on Julian Casablancas label Cult Records (with Dave Sitek producing the forthcoming LP) and having one of the best, if not smirkingly offensive, names in punk – we’ve only gone and made Cerebral Ballzy and their song Better in Leather our Track Of The Day. I know what you’re thinking – now they can die happy.

If i’m lucky enough to be the first person to introduce you to the NYC outfit then the name is representative of everything you might think. Yes, they are as bratty as a toddler in a supermarket, yes they have a disregard for all things establishment and yes they produce some of the simplest snottiest punk since The Ramones. Better in Leather is no different; pulsating with STD ridden riffs and washboard drums that rake your back into a breathless, phet sweating, chorus screaming puddle of mulch. Drifting from their more Hardcore roots this track has a little more bubblegum glue added into the mix, to entice the young and the ironically restless – sshh! Don’t tell anyone, but punk might actually be back.

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Cerebral Ballzy with Better in Leather don’t re-write the rules on punk by any stretch, but let’s face it; it’s quite hard to re-write 3 chords (though they have the smoking cigs in pictures down to a tee). They do however show a new generation the rulebook and how to spit, phlegm and generally defecate on it and everything else.

Razor sharp, insolent and adolescent lyrics compliment this feeling of youthful vigour and skater brat sensibilities. With the chiming of “She’s so bad” and “She’s so rad” ringing in your ears it can be hard to see past the scandalous simplicity of the track but it will doubtless resonate with the torn jeans and floppy fringed masses of the under 25’s.

Released on the 16th of December there aren’t so many crystal clear audios of this song yet but with punk, that’s the beauty of it all. The audio is tinny distorted and downright unmanageable for the purists and cynics who will be all too willing to cast this 2 minutes of chorus filled skater punk into the slag heap of history.

I have a feeling though that this kind of stuffy and pedantic opposition will only add fuel to this burning youthful fire. They say it’s better to burn out than fade away well if Better in Leather is anything to go by Cerebral Balllzy are going to go up like the fucking a-bomb.


Jack Whatley