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Lorne Michaels named "the biggest jerk" in the history of Saturday Night Live

Lorne Michaels attempted to bring about a change in the world of TV comedy when he created Saturday Night Live (SNL) while working on the idea with Dick Ebersol. It was George Carlin who kicked it all off and helped the show immediately establish a solid reputation. In the years that followed, SNL gathered a lot of momentum and transformed into an institution of American comedy.

While the show doesn’t have the same cultural impact that it once did, many great modern comedians such as John Mulaney have continued to engage in this tradition. In fact, the opportunity to host Saturday Night Live is still considered to be a ticket to greater success by aspiring comedians who grew up watching episodes of the show.

Since so many brilliant talents have been attached to the show over the years, many people have tried to figure out which host did it the best. Ranging from the delightful comedic genius of Steve Martin to the immortal talent of Betty White, there have been several highly acclaimed contenders that have emerged as the most deserving comics to take that top spot.

However, Lorne Michaels has revealed that there is only one host who can ever claim the title of being the worst host in the history of the show. That is none other than Steven Seagal, arguably one of the most hated actors in the world. He has since been accused of assault and sexual assault by multiple survivors, but many of those cases were settled out of court.

When Nicolas Cage was handed the chance to host SNL, he was very self-conscious about the image he was projecting in his sketches. In a conversation with Michaels, Cage confessed that he did not want to be “the biggest jerk who’s ever been on the show”. Without any hesitation, Michaels assured Cage: “No, no. That would be Steven Seagal”.

When Bob Odenkirk went on the Howard Stern show, he confirmed the same and described the entire experience as a “famous nightmare”. According to Odenkirk, Seagal insisted on bringing in stuntmen for his sketch from outside the SNL cast and claimed that: “If I do this sketch, I have to beat them up”.

Seagal, who has been a vocal supporter of Vladimir Putin and one of the least convincing martial artists in history, has also been accused of abusing his fame by intentionally assaulting the stuntmen he hires during his scenes. Odenkirk also revealed that Seagal had never seen SNL before and was not familiar with what actors did on the show either.

He ended up writing a sketch just like his films and hired stuntmen only to beat them up live for eight minutes before strangely declaring: “This is what happens when you pollute the planet.” While Michaels later claimed that the entire week was very chaotic and it wasn’t entirely Seagal’s fault, it is safe to say that he never had the talent to host SNL or any other show for that matter.

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