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(Credit: Ophelia Mikkelson Jones)


Lorde shares stunning new 'Fallen Fruit' video

Lorde has shared the stunning new music video for her Solar Power track ‘Fallen Fruit’. In it, you see the New Zealand pop icon slowly walking along a beach as the day turns to night, in some apparent reference to the lyric “and we will walk together”. 

At the end of the video, Lorde gets into a mysterious car that is waiting for her, and then they drive off into the distance. A serene yet haunting visual work, it was directed by Joel Kefali in collaboration with Lorde. Kefali also directed the video for Lorde’s breakthrough single ‘Royals’ and helped with art direction for her debut album 2013’s Pure Heroine

It has been a busy year for Lorde. In August, she returned with her third album Solar Power, which has been acclaimed across the board. She announced her return to music with the release of the album’s title track and another stunning video to boot. She then released ‘Stoned at the Nail Salon’ and ‘Mood Ring’.

Recently, the singer performed a residency on The Late Late Show With James Corden, given us rooftop renditions of her new tracks alongside producer Jack Antonoff and even released an album of her tracks sung in the Maori language. 

Last week, on October 30th, she updated fans about her time away from social media, a decision that made headlines when she first broke the news. “The decision to step back from social media has been something I’ve really questioned through this time,” she said.

She continued: “I was so sure skipping the negatives (compulsive time-wasting, IV drip of dread, satisfying but hollow validation loop) would outweigh missing out on the positives (feeling like part of a community, hearing your sweet words, hitting you back). But I’ve really, really missed you.”

Beginning in February 2022, Lorde will finally be touring Solar Power. Kicking off in her native New Zealand, it will see her reach every corner of the globe before finishing up at London’s historic Alexandra Palace on June 28.

Watch the video for ‘Fallen Fruit’ below.