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(Credit: Ophelia Mikkelson Jones)


Lorde updates fans about her "step back" from social media


One of the big revelations during Lorde’s promotional push for her most recent LP Solar Power was that the pop star revealed her newly implemented moratorium on using social media. The 24-year-old singer revealed in a series of interviews that she removed all of the social media apps from her phone and gave over her passwords to her management team in order to avoid gaining access to them.

It seemed like it was something intended to be a healthy lifestyle change, but now Lorde seems to have indicated that it might have been a mistake in a newsletter sent to her fans. Looking like it was written on the iPhone notes app (which would check out), Lorde provides an update about what she’s been doing over the past year, including seeing movies, making food, and walking. You know, just like normal humans.

Mostly, the section that involves the possible regret of leaving behind social media is based on the fact that the pandemic made it increasingly difficult to meet with people face to face. “The decision to step back from social media has been something I’ve really questioned through this time,” she said.

“I was so sure skipping the negatives (compulsive time-wasting, IV drip of dread, satisfying but hollow validation loop) would outweigh missing out on the positives (feeling like part of a community, hearing your sweet words, hitting you back). But I’ve really, really missed you.”

Otherwise, activities include: walking 100 blocks (“It’s a cool way to get an interesting cross-section of multiple neighbourhoods”), eating some strange culinary delights (“lotus paste egg yolk moon cake”, which I swore was a joke until I looked it up to confirm), and watching WALL-E (“holy shit, this movie rules”. Absolutely correct, that Lorde is). Otherwise, she also revealed her move to New York City and her recent reading list. World famous singers are just like us, after all.

No word on whether she’s hopped back on social media or seen the mixed response given to Solar Power. She probably knows, but it sounds like she’s doing pretty well without the hellscape known as Twitter.