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Lola Colt – I Get High If You Get High


When producing a piece of music, artists must take risks to ensure what they’re making diversifies them from their peers, when taking these risks how you’re received can go either way. Today’s Track Of The Day comes courtesy of London based six piece, Lola Colt with their debut single ‘I Get High If You Get High’; a track which treads the aforementioned line so exquisitely that you’ll be drawn into the world they’ve created with their complex lyricism and ethereal tones.

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The sound and delivery of the music clearly show the major influences and interests the band have; self-described as “soundtracks to imaginary movies”, their flair for the cinematic shines brightly throughout the entire song. The emotive and sprawling vocals provided by Danish lead singer Gun O work in perfect harmony to the instrumentals performed alongside; unsurprisingly the band’s name is even derivative of movies, taken from a 1967 spaghetti western described by the band’s guitarist and primary songwriter alongside Gun as “a bizarre mongrel of a film”.

The tone of the lyricism has a somewhat film noir vibe about it, drinking and love with a deep and passionate delivery separate it from a lot of its contemporaries while simultaneously pushing it closer to other acts it may unintentionally emulate. Comparatively speaking there’s definitely similarities between the music being released here and bands such as Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds and also little known gothic indie band Esben and the Witch.

“Early morning wine sipping”

 With their debut album set for release in early 2014 this band really is one to watch, the elegance and depth of the music is truly a fascinating and impressive feat; with a lot of acts trying to downsize and minimalize their sound, Lola Colt have taken a risk which has paid off in spades.

Aaron Chick