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LIVE: The Moons - The Harley, Sheffield

When Paul Weller’s keyboard player decides to start up his own band and even persuades the Modfather to sing on one of their singles it sounds like the making of a British guitar band success story waiting to happen right?

But for Andy Croft and the Moons this was not quite the case – since their inception in 2008 the Moons haven’t had the smoothest of rides.

The band lost two members to the Temples and their take on psych-mod rock for their latest album Mindwaves rubbed up NME writer Rhian Daly in a way that provoked one of the most slanderous (and to be fair unfounded reviews) ever to have been penned.

However despite a turbulent career so far, the four-piece from Northampton have far from given up the ghost.

They came out from behind the red curtain on the stage at the Harley in Sheffield looking like a band with something to prove, despite them billing this as a ‘passing show’.

Although basically mute between songs, Crofts possess the swagger and tenacity necessary to keep ploughing away at his group’s beloved craft despite six years on the scene with less commercial success than is really deserved.

In true the Moons fashion this was a guitar top-heavy set riddled with hooks and riffs – straight edge good old British guitar music at it’s best.

Their set showcased songs from all three of the Moons albums, but focused primarily on their latest release Mindwaves.

Notable highlight was ‘Something Soon’, which sounded just as good even without Mr Weller on the vocals.

As much as the Moons have tried, it’s looking unlikely they’ll be the catalyst for a new mod-revival, with their back to basics approach, however with an influx of ‘new-wave’ British guitar bands on the up, who’s to say they won’t get a helping hand.