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(Credit: Jamil Sheikh)


Listen to Sid Stone's moving debut single 'Better Alone'


Somerset born Sid Stone is one of the most intriguing new artists in the UK right now with his debut single ‘Better Alone’ proving exactly why and it’s our track of the day.

The track was co-produced by Joy Anonymous along with Fred Again.. who recently teamed up with Headie One for GANG which saw the duo also collaborate with Jamie XX on one of the tracks ‘Smoke‘.

‘Better Alone’ was created at The Clash’s Mick Jones studios in North Acton and features as the lead single on Stone’s debut mixtape Inside/Outside which is out now on Hotspring Music.

“It’s all about making peace with being alone, but also it came out of situations built on friendship and love,” Sid said of the track. “So who knows: the truth is sometimes hidden between two opposites!”

Stone also had this to say about the mixtape: “It’s like a document of my life as a songwriter in London: the sounds of Shepherds Bush, the frustrations of trying to be good at writing songs, the internal world that gets explored parallel to the outside world around us.” He continues, “the pressure, the emotional strain, all of that filtering in from the city and out from me and back again in this hyperloop of man and surrounding.”

Listen to ‘Better Alone’ now.