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Listen to LCD Soundsystem’s TWO new tracks

We’ve been waiting seven years for a new track from James Murphy and the rest of LCD Soundsystem (excluding a Christmas tune back in 2015), and now, like many a London bus idiom, we have two at once.

Firstly we have the somewhat identikit LCD Soundsystem song ‘Call The Police’ which hits like an infectious train. Chugging through the airwaves, it feels so familiar as a LCD track that it is easy to forget the poignant message which runs throughout.

Following that riotous statement is the more melancholy ‘American Dream’. Naturally, the current events have infected Murphy’s writing and in this piece he finds a more probing way to get his message across. A stable, solemn beat marks every purposeful line.

LCD Soundsystem are back, and frankly, they are better than ever.