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(Credit: Shawn Brackmill)


Listen to Bright Eyes cover Thin Lizzy song ‘Running Back’

Nebraska indie-rock band Bright Eyes have released a cover of Thin Lizzy’s classic track ‘Running Back’ as part of Secretly Canadian’s 25th-anniversary charity fundraiser. The release is raising funds for the homeless charity ‘New Hope For Families’.

The impressive rendition of the 1976 rock classic sees vocalist Conor Oberst doing his best to meet the style of late Thin Lizzy singer and bass guitarist Phil Lynott

Bright Eyes have shown their love for the Irish rockers on a few occasions and actually first aired this cover of ‘Running Back’ in 2020 while appearing on SiriusXM in the US. Now, two years later, the song has been granted a full release in aid of the homeless. 

Oberst said of the song: “Thin Lizzy is one of the finest rock ‘n’ roll bands of all time, Phil Lynott’s vocal delivery and lyrics exemplify nonchalant cool. On top of that, they gave the world a reason to invent the word guitarmonies. I think this is such a beautiful love song. It felt really good to sing.”

Bright Eyes have never shied away from being expressive and passionate about causes close to their heart. Their emotional music spells out how they feel in such a naked, yet inspirational manner. Oberst said of their music “I hope our music makes people feel less alone”. In this statement, he confirms the group’s caring side and in this latest release, they have shown their support for those in need while paying homage to one of their key influences in the rock world. 

The cover has been released as part of the record label Secretly Canadian’s 25th-anniversary charity campaign. Stream the track below.