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Credit: Achim Raschka/Stefan Brending


Limp Bizkit is joined on stage by Machine Gun Kelly to perform 'Break Stuff'

The fathers of nu-metal (we’re not sure if that’s a good thing or not), Limp Bizkit, were performing in Los Angeles last night when they were joined on stage by rapper Machine Gun Kelly for a special rendition of ‘Break Stuff’.

The band were performing at The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles when they were joined on stage by MGK for a high octane performance of the iconic adolescent angst anthem.

The track featured on Limp Bizkit’s 2000 album Significant Other and is a bonafide rock anthem for most Millenials. It’s one that resonated with the band’s disenfranchised target audience.

Machine Gun Kelly is clearly included in that audience as the rapper bounced around the stage like a giddy schoolkid when given the opportunity to sing on the track. To add to that ‘getting old’ feeling, Durst is sporting a full on Father Christmas beard.

You can see the footage below and below that see an image that MGK shared of the duo backstage.