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(Credit: Lilac Queen)


Lilac Queen share two new songs


What’s the difference between EPs and singles? Nominally, an EP is meant to be a longer version of a single, which usually only has a side A and a side B. But that mindset is so 1966. Since the popularisation of the 7inch and 12″ singles, suddenly normal single releases could extend well past their original length and into EP territory. Nowadays, even the traditional ‘album’ moniker is losing steam, being replaced by more nebulous and flexible terms like ‘playlist’ and ‘mixtape’, without a clear distinction being made between any of them.

That brings us to Lilac Queen’s new release, things are different now, which features two songs, ‘fences’ and ‘piles’. Is that an EP? Or just a single? Spotify seems to think it’s a single: it’s credited as such while the band’s 2020 five-song release If Only is credited as an EP. Does giving your single a different name make it an EP? Are there rules to what constitutes what? Does anybody care? Probably not. Oh, also, the songs are really good.

If you want the calmer, more shoegaze-adjacent side of Lilac Queen, you’ll enjoy the pillowy vocals and comforting swirl of ‘fences’. If your tastes lean a little more aggressive, the screams and pile driver push of ‘piles’ will be more your speed. Both songs explode into their respective choruses and retain a certain heady atmosphere/detuned power that reminds me a lot of Hum’s Inlet.

Lilac Queen are one of those post-hardcore bands that bridge various different other sub-genres together like emo, shoegaze, and indie rock. Bursting out of the Massachusetts underground rock scene, the band is a great new artist for fans of heavier, reverb and chorus drenched music that can swing as much as it squeals.

Listen to the new EP/single/two awesome songs ‘fences’ and ‘piles’ down below.