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LIFE - I Wanna Forget


In a statement of intent that no rock star, musician or artist could deny they had bubbling away in their brains when conceiving the idea of their first songs, LIFE came to my attention when I heard their band ethos – “making music for babes”. With that in mind the quartet from Hull have easily achieved their goals with this snot filled, hyperactive humdinger; I Wanna Forget, the perfect midweekTrack of The Day.

The confidence of the four piece is plain for all to see in this release on Birthday Records, available now on iTunes, it’s perfectly driven by all that you’d expect from a punk inspired band. A no nonsense approach guarantees the guitars are razor sharp, the bass is relentless and the drums are as pneumatic as a workman’s hammer. This culminates in drunken hooks and spit filled lyrics that drown your mind and will inevitably monopolise any indie dancefloor in the country, given the chance.

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Coming out of Hull, which one Tory MP recently declared should be closed (a city, closed?), may be a tough ride for a band concerned with utter impeccable musicianship, but for LIFE it all adds to the glorious punk cocktail. They have an attitude and a cocksure swagger that you wouldn’t find in the idyllic a classically trained home counties. They take the grime and grit from the streets and through their respective strings and drums bash out a teenage dirtbag track of wonderful, furious angst.

With I Wanna Forget, LIFE are going through their adolescent anger kicking, screaming and dancing their way into like minded hearts and ears. Along with bands like SKATERS, The Orwells, FIDLAR and the other American imports bringing back the amphetamine days of yore, LIFE are not just shouting the odds, they are shouting for a generation bored of technology, bored of noodling riffs, bored of everything. It’s hard to get bored of that, surely.

Jack Whatley