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(Credit: Luke Hallett)


Life drop brand new song 'Friends Without Names'

Life - 'Friends Without Names'

Hull post-punkers Life has returned with a brand new song taken from their upcoming third studio album, ‘Friends Without Names’.

“’Friends Without Names’ is the anchor and blueprint for our next record,” the band explain in a press release. “In a remote part of Eastern England, close to the River Humber, we performed this track as if we were in trance; vibrating in a constant musical crescendo. Our aim was to push ourselves and harness differing time zones whilst giving in to the moments of beauty, horror, love and chaos depicted by the song’s lyrics”.

Over the course of six minutes, ‘Friends Without Names’ unfurls in a way that, if you’re on board with the band’s brand of doom-laden rock, is enough to put you in a hypnotic trance of your own. If you’re less privy to those styles, it’s possible that you might find the seemingly endless repetition of ‘Friends Without Names’ to be grating.

The band gamely ramps up the energy as they go along, especially as drummer Stewart Baxter gets increasingly frantic with his rhythms, but the song never really explodes in the way that it’s seemingly going towards. After a few more times around the song’s progression, the band just kind of fall away as ‘Friends Without Names’ ends. It’s certainly not bad, but it lacks a solid reason to be as long and monotonous as it is.

Maybe part of the problem is with me. Yesterday I reviewed the latest song by Glasgow post-punk outfit Vlure, and when both ‘I Won’t Run (From Love)’ and ‘Friends Without Names’ ended, Spotify automatically cued up the same track to follow both of them – ‘Gush’ by bdrmm. I don’t feel comfortable giving ‘Friends Without Names’ a lower score than what I gave ‘I Won’t Run (From Love)’, but I really wish these post-punk bands would do something more original. What can I say: bands without distinction, they’re all the same to me.

Check out the lyric video for ‘Friends Without Names’ down below.