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LICE to join Sleaford Mods on upcoming European tour

Bristol-born art-punk group LICE have revealed that they will be returning to mainland Europe at the end of March to support Sleaford Mods on their Spare Ribs tour.

LICE have only just completed their first major tour of Europe and arrived back in the UK yesterday (March 10th). But with this latest development, it seems they should be living from their suitcases for the next couple of weeks before they set off again.

In a statement on their Instagram page, LICE wrote: “Ecstatic to reveal we will be joining Sleaford Mods on their EU Tour, including our first shows in Germany and Spain.”

The post continued: “If you’ve just caught us on our first EU Headline Tour this past couple weeks, hope to see you again friends. If you’ve never heard of us, promise we’re very good. Countless thanks to this vital duo for taking us on the road. ONWARDS!!!”.

LICE have been touring over the past year following the release of their successful debut LP Wasteland: What Ails Our People is Clear in January 2021.

Far Out ranked the album as the third-best post-punk album of 2021, describing it as “a beast of science-fiction laden political satire, a concept album that spread its wings beyond the scope of their previous work.”

It is understood that the group are tinkering with some new ideas but haven’t yet released any concrete details about a follow-up to last year’s album.

Meanwhile, Sleaford Mods released their 11th studio album, Spare Ribs, last January and are finally taking the show to Europe. The album continues the Nottingham duo’s expected form and in a 9/10 review, Far Out described the album: “This is Sleaford Mods on their A-game and, frankly, they don’t care who stands in their way”.

The tour kicks off in Aarhus, Denmark on March 22nd and the Mods will be joined by LICE from the fourth gig in Madrid on March 26th until the final stop in Eindhoven, the Netherlands on April 8th. See the full list of dates on the post below.