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(Credit: Liars)


Liars announce new album and share latest single ‘Sekwar’


New York noise-punk institution, Liars, have previewed their upcoming tenth studio album The Apple Drop in the form of a brand new single, ‘Sekwar’.

For the uninitiated, Liars is frontman/singer/songwriter Angus Andrew and whoever else happens to be floating around at the same time. Sometimes it’s no one else at all. To its very core, the band is the comical representation of Andrew’s untamable ID, a ferocious, precocious, often playful and occasionally dangerous but always combustible project hell-bent on destruction and devolution. In short, they’re pretty cool.

The story of Liars is one the parallels and intertwines with the indie-rock boom that occurred in the early 2000s in New York City. They often played the same clubs as fellow art punks TV on the Radio, but whereas that band was elastic funk-driven art rock, Liars was ugly, aggressive, and confrontational. Not easily put into any genre box, Liars followed their bliss through sonic reinventions and occasional detours, picking up and dropping off members as it spiralled in and out of control. Each subsequent album could either sound exactly alike or completely different from the one before it. The through-line has always been Andrew and his wholly unique vision of the world.

In that way, ‘Sekwar’ fits perfectly into the Liars canon. Experimental, frigid, and downright weird, it would feel like a culmination for Andrew’s if he hadn’t built a career on left turns. This is just another one: bobbing synth bass and a detached baritone delivery isn’t anything new from the band, but they seem to be repurposed and reproduced in completely new ways every time Andrew’s decides to put out a new record. Will The Apple Drop be readily accessible? Of course not! That’s the only guarantee you’ll get from Liars.

Check out the audio for ‘Sekwar’ down below. The Apple Drop will be released on August 6th.