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Liam Gallagher shares 'Wonderwash' the new tune to wash your hands to


Liam Gallagher has shared a new video on his Twitter page that offers up a new version of Oasis’ classic ‘Wonderwall’, remixed to wash your hands to amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Gallagher took part in a new trend which sees artists providing remixes of their songs to fit in line with WHO advice on washing one’s hands for 20 seconds amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

LG took to Twitter to share his new version of ‘Wonderwall’, effortlessly titled, ‘Wonderwash’ with a smirk on his face as well as a large beard.

The singer changing the lyrics sang the famous Noel Gallagher vocal “by now you should somehow realise what you got to do, wash your hands, scrub your toes, scratch your arse, pick your nose, C’mon you know!”

While the sing-song actually only lasted 16 seconds, four second short of the advice from the government, it’s a brief reprieve from pandemic’s murky outlook.

Liam Gallagher hasn’t only been coming up with tracks either. He’s also been trying to hook his estranged brother, Noel Gallagher, into reuniting Oasis for a coronavirus charity show once self-isolation is complete.

Gallagher tweeted: “Listen seriously a lot of people think I’m a cunt and I am a good looking cunt but once this is put to bed we need to get oasis back for a 1 of gig rite for charity c’mon Noel we can then go back to our amazing solo careers c’mon you know LG x”

The Why Me? Why Not singer also suggested a host of other bands get back together too: “All these miserable fucking cunts in bands who think there too cool for school the jam c’mon Weller the smiths c’mon marr Rkid oasis c’mon noel what a gig oh and the cheeky girls what a fucking line up c’mon you know.”

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