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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Liam Gallagher tells crowd: "Throw anything else, but no fish!”


Liam Gallagher is still reeling from the moment an audience member threw a dead fish at him.

Far Out Magazine reported the news that during Gallagher’s gig at Spain’s Festival Internacional de Benicàssim las week, one man decided to take it upon himself to throw a fish at the former Oasis frontman.

After refusing to carry on the show while the fish remained on stage, Gallagher addressed the incident while performing at Stimmen Festival in Germany in a bid to stop the same drama: “None of you have got no fish have you? It’s just not happening with the fish. Throw anything else, but no fish.”

Here’s the incident:

If you haven’t see the original incident you, the former Oasis man was just delighted with the unexpected stage invader: “Which dickhead threw the fish here then?” he asked somewhat unsurprisingly. “Fucking stinky, smelly fish, man. Now listen man, it really ain’t that fucking bad, man. Don’t be throwing fish on stage, mate. I’ve seen a lot worse than this shit. Alright?”

“I can’t be fucking singing while there’s a fish there, man,” he said before asking a sound man to come on stage to remove the fish.

Here it is: