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Liam Gallagher has offered Peter Crouch a role in his live band

Peter Crouch has admitted that Liam Gallagher has offered him the chance to perform live with his band.

The former Stoke, Liverpool and England striker, who is famously close friends with Kasabian guitarist Serge Pizzorno, recently invited Gallagher to partake in ‘Crouchfest’ and event hosted by his BBC podcast series.

Crouch has made no secret of his love for love for indie rock music, regularly spotted crowdsurfing a numerous different summer music festivals and triumphing lesser known bands via his social media channels.

Having seemingly hit it off with former Oasis frontman Gallagher, Crouch admitted: “Music is a passion of mine,” in an interview with Radio Times. “I’d like to get into promoting new bands. Liam offered me a job as a musician the other day.”

Crouch added: “He was like: ‘When we do a big gig, just learn the bass to one tune and you can come up and play with us’. I said: ‘I’d love to do that but I don’t have any musical talent’.”

In more recent Liam Gallagher related news, the Mancunian singer has seemingly offered an olive branch out to his estranged brother, Noel, as tensions reach boiling point between the former bandmates.

Since Oasis split in 2009 the Gallagher brothers have repeatedly traded insults, the most recent coming from Noel who said. “I don’t think I’ve ever been so embarrassed for a man in my entire life,” when he was asked about Liam’s recent performance at Glastonbury Festival. 

Despite Noel claiming this week that his brother threatened his wife, Liam attempted to reach out to his sibling by saying: “There is nothing more I would love than to have Noel’s head in my arm in a good headlock and then we just get on with our business.”

He continued: “He knows deep down that I love him and whatever he thinks I did, I didn’t, and if I did do it, I didn’t mean it.”

Speculation of an Oasis reunion has been rumoured for a number of years and, despite fans calling for it, both brothers have dampened expectations with an angry back and forth barrage of insults. When asked about the his old band in an interview with StarLiam replied: “Its a shame we broke up, I can’t see it happening,” in reference to a comeback.

He added: “Everyone is always going on about money. I ain’t skint I’ve got more than enough to get me through the day and the night and the months and the years. I just think it would be a shame because people want it and I think it would still be good.”

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