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Credit: Wikimedia


Mark Lanegan says Liam Gallagher quit the 1996 Oasis US tour to avoid fighting him


There are few fights Liam Gallagher backs down from but it turns out fighting the Screaming Trees frontman, Mark Lanegan, is one of them. That’s according to Lanegan at least.

The frontman suggested that the Oasis singer once quit a US tour with his Mancunian band to avoid a scheduled fight with Lanegan. It’s been revealed by the singer in his new rock memoir.

Screaming Trees were supporting Oasis on their 1996 US tour when Lanegan and Gallagher began to rub each other up the wrong way. Now, we know what you’re thinking, surely little Liam Gallagher wouldn’t intentionally bully someone. It turns out he just might.

The 1996 tour was largely seen as a failure after Liam quit the tour midway through. It was cited as a bust-up between Liam and his brother Noel. While there is almost certainly some truth in that, there always is, Lanegan thinks LG quit to avoid a fight with the Screaming Trees man in Miami.

It all started with an all-too-simple and all-too-regular display of machismo from Gallagher, as Lanegan remembers, “He came up to where we were sitting, ‘Howling Branches,’ he shouted.”

“I realised he was addressing me and attempting a weak joke with the over-the-top intensity of a put-down. ‘‘F**k off, you stupid f**king idiot,’ was my brief, blasé retort.”

“What did you say?’ Gallagher yelled. ‘Are you mad?’ He launched into a strange, lurching half-dance, lunging forward as though to physically attack, only to back up again while gesticulating crazily.

“He intended for it to look intimidating. He looked f***ing pathetic.”

Backstage tensions had grown out of control by the time Lanegan offered the Mancunian a fair fight in Miami when their paths were destined to cross again. “I detested bullies and refused to put up with them. Liam Gallagher was an obvious poser, a playground bully. Like all bullies, he was also a total p***y.”

“He had quit and bailed before I could have a go at him before his promised playground battle royale in Miami.

“Typical, I thought. That phoney motherf***er had p***ed his pants and gone home to mama before I had a chance to blow this whole thing up myself.”