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Liam Gallagher on the possibility of a New Year's Honours List


Liam Gallagher has spoken out about the potential of being involved on the New Year’s Honours list and whether he would accept a Royal award.

In a recent NME interview promoting his forthcoming third solo album, C’Mon You Know, the former Oasis frontman remarked: “Unless they delivered it to my f–king door through the letterbox, like the Royal Mail fucking should do… I’m certainly not going there and bending down for no c-nt.”

However, he was quick to assert that his issue was with kneeling for someone more so than the monarchy itself. “Not that I’m anti-Royals – I like the Queen. I think she’s like a little Jedi. She’s alright, man,” he added. 

Earlier in the year, Gallagher complained about missing out on the list on Twitter, but his intent was clear. “If I can wind some c-nt up [on the] first of January,” he remarked, “start as I mean to go on.”

He continued to humour, “There’ll be some fucker there going – ‘Who does he think he is, scruffy little shit from Manchester thinking the Queen is going to give him that?’”

While he might not be set to become a sir soon, he is certainly royalty on the festival circuit and a wildly busy summer approaches for the star as he promotes his third album.