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Liam Gallagher delivers more of the same with ‘Everything’s Electric’

Liam Gallagher - 'Everything's Electric'

Music’s foremost mentioner of the word ‘electric’ is back with another single and it zips along like every other voltaic effort he has offered up so far in his charged career. He may have teamed up with Dave Grohl for the track and taken inspiration from the Beastie Boys’ ‘Sabotage’ and ‘Gimme Shelter’ by The Rolling Stones, but it ultimately sounds 100% Liam Gallagher.

Therefore, it stands to reason that most people’s opinion on the song will be heavily based on where they stand on the swaggering Manchurian himself. Perhaps it’s a touch heavier, perhaps there are a few more effects in the mix, but within a few bars, you’d know the man behind it even before he drawls out his usual vocal.

For the track, Gallagher reunited with producer Greg Kurstin, who worked with the former Oasis frolicker on his first two solo albums. The sound they captured on those records is back in full force with a hint of Gallagher’s classic Death in Vegas collaboration with ‘Scorpio Rising’ also making itself known. Aside from that, the lyrics are not ones you’ll pour-over and the song will not shock anyone with a jolt—it is very much ‘as you were’. 

The single is the first to come from his forthcoming album C’mon You Know due out on May 27th. It will be the Britpop rockers third solo album since his post-Beady Eye debut back in 2017.

The single also represents the first time that Grohl and Gallagher have collaborated despite the fact they have often occupied the same crowd-surfing circles since the very early 1990s. Maybe more is to come from the odd couple in the future?

You can check out the single in the new lyric video below.