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(Credit: Warner Music)

Liam Gallagher confirms his new album is now complete


Liam Gallagher has confirmed that his eagerly anticipated follow-up to  2017 album As You Were is finished.

Gallagher, who has been teasing updates on the Album 2 for a number of months, previously confirmed that he and his team had completed recording in April.

While working his new documentary, As It Was, the film’s director Charlie Lightening joined in the hype of the new material by saying:
“It’s mega,” while in conversation with the NME. “If you look at ‘Definitely Maybe’ and ‘What’s The Story (Morning Glory)?’, one’s the more punkier one and one’s the bigger one. That’s progression. People aren’t gonna be disappointed with it. I think it’s gonna blow people away,” he added.

Now, taking to social media, Gallagher has confirmed that all work on the record had been complete, saying that it is “in the bag” and adding: “Album 2 in the bag Dya want some LG x.”

In related news, director Lightening was quick to point out the impact Gallagher’s longterm girlfriend Debbie Gwyther has had on the emergence of his solo material. ”Oh, Debbie’s impact was massive. She saved him in so many ways. He was lost. He didn’t know what to do or how to do it. As he says in the film, she gives him a kick up the arse, explains that, ‘Come on, no one died,’ and tells him to focus again on the music,” in a new interview.

”She supported him through some of the worst. And they just love each other, you know what I mean? It’s all in the film. You see how close their relationship is, how they bring out the best of one another. Again, it feels wonderful that I was able to capture that, as really I was doing his musical comeback, I wasn’t doing a documentary about Liam’s love life, but then Debbie is such a part of that, and now his family, that it shines through – hopefully.”

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