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(Credit: Michael Spencer Jones)


Liam Gallagher clarifies the story of how Oasis got signed in this rare 1995 interview

With such a loud presence on social media, it can be hard to think back to a time when Liam Gallagher was the understated and unassuming voice of Oasis. Not exactly the shrinking violet of the group, Gallagher did possess that most lucrative of frontman assets — mystique.

It wouldn’t take long for journalists to cotton on to Gallagher’s (and his older brother Noel’s) caustic wit and his unwavering commitment to speak his mind. It meant that soon enough he was regularly asked about other bands and his opinion on them or the state of an album, football club, you name it. But in 1995, Liam was still a fresh-faced singer happy to be in a band.

In the 1995 interview below, Liam Gallagher sits next to the soulful beat of the band, Bonehead. In the comments of this video someone accurately describes how vital Bonehead was to proceedings: “In Oasis, Noel was the brains. Liam was the heart. Bonehead was the soul.” It’s an accurate description and one which is neatly surmised in this clip.

The interview begins as Bonehead is asked about the Oasis touring circuit and why exactly the group were playing such far-flung places. “We might do one tour and we’ll do the circuit, your regular places. But the next tour we wanna go a bit out of the way for people who don’t often get a chance.”

Gallagher then chimes in, proving he’s every bit the ‘man of the people’ he proclaims himself to be. “I don’t wanna play all these G-Mex and arenas, play that Sheffield, I don’t wanna do it, do you know what I mean? I’d rather just have a tent.” The confused face Bonehead employs is soon gone when LG explains, “Just have like a little circus and put it wherever. 6,000 people? Do two nights. It’s better.” The band then move on to a more intriguing story, how the band got signed.

The legend goes that Oasis packed up their bags, made the trip to Glasgow and the city’s legendary venue King Tut’s and refused to leave until they were given a stage time. When they performed they delivered a sensational set and wowed Alan McGee. But Gallagher clarifies a few points.

“We didn’t demand,” says the ‘Live Forever’ singer. “We just said ‘Let us play.'” The singer goes on to clarify: “What it was, was that we got told we were playing when we got there, the geezer goes ‘No, you’re not playing’.” Naturally, it didn’t go down well with the Mancunians: “What do you mean, we’re not playing? We just forked out for a van. Here, come one, let us play, we’re good.”

It seems as though the relentless nature of LG was there from the very beginning as he admits: “Eventually he let us play and we played and we got a deal. That’s it.” Perhaps it was something about the Scottish air, Gallagher says in the clip the nation has “got soul,” after which Bonehead goes on about the famous Scottish music crowd.

The pair also discuss the pitfalls of fame in the chat, Bonehead saying: “We just wanted to be in a band and play music. Whatever that brought to us, whatever it was, we’d get ’em. That’s what we were aiming for.” It’s a notion that clearly irks Gallagher however and he describes his problems with fame. “Fame and that, some of it’s boring, some of it does your head in, some of it is not that brilliant, just not right.”

When pushed for what exactly it is that upsets him he says: “Bits and bobs. I like the fans, I will sing anything, but some of it don’t suit me.” While we’re unsure whether that feeling has changed, we know that Gallagher has enjoyed a few aspects of the high life.

From the video below it’s easy to see that Noel Gallagher was the brains of the outfit (he was quick to avoid the interview), Bonehead was the soul with his warm tone and Liam Gallagher was and still is the heart of it all.

Watch the full interview below: