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(Credit: Lewis Taylor)


Revisiting Lewis Taylor's self-titled 1996 release

As Taylor’s rather unimpressive CV seemed to only include a stint with prog/blues outfit The Edgar Broughton Band, his eponymous album arrived unheralded and probably unwanted.

That, after one listen, the album had not only evoked the spirit of Marvin Gaye’s early seventies masterpiece ‘What’s Going On’, but had infused it with sparks of psychedelia which may have actually topped it, came as something of a surprise to many.

The single word titles of all the self-composed songs may have alluded to minimalism but the aural reality is much different. These are complex arrangements, glorious, slow burning transcendent music for listening to rather than dancing—a different kind of soul, a deeper experience, an area breached by Gaye and developed with respect and no little imagination by Taylor.

Despite critical acclaim and some A-list endorsement—David Bowie made his love of the album well know— ‘Lewis Taylor’ didn’t catch with the public, and, despite a catalogue of very listenable releases over the next decade (including his “Lost Album” which saw him blowing kisses at the West Coast scene of the 1970’s) Taylor quit the music scene in 2006.

A great talent poorly received.