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Let’s Wrestle - Rain Ruins Revolution

London four-piece Let’s Wrestle have been skimming the surface between the underground and the mainstream for a few years now. Catchy hooks married an with an awkward lyrical style portrayed them as the kind of anti-pop band that would probably have the raw materials to storm the chats if it took their fancy, but the output in that scenario would most likely be far less interesting.

For what its worth, their new self-titled album has dumped the scuzz of the grunge guitars that were present on their last record Nursing Home in favour of a sound that is consistently melodic, even embracing string sections that are so often used as a tool to pad out songs with little to offer – but in this case they are very much an enhancement as opposed to a compensation.

‘Rain Ruins Revolution’ is the second single and opener from the latest record. It is a statement of intent that is punchier than its predecessor ‘Codeine and Marshmallows’, but equally encapsulating. It maintains a warmness that has led Let’s Wrestle to be one of the greatest remedies to a winter so far characterised by the buckling of recession-hit flood defences, a homophobic Olympic Games, and the earth-shattering effects of the capital having to swap Tube for bus during the apparent most impoverished couple of days in its history.

But Let’s Wrestle offer the solace of their very own fantasy world, something that sounds more complete and expansive on new material than ever before. ‘Rain Ruins Revolution’ is released on Monday and, with a bit of luck, will be the catalyst for a further glut of indie fans turning on to the twisted pop of a band that gain depth with every listen.

Patrick Davies

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